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AVID Locker
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AVID Teachers
Contact Griselda Aranda  Griselda Aranda Teacher
Contact Marisa Arreola  Marisa Arreola Teacher
Contact Ruth Bustamante  Ruth Bustamante Teacher
Contact Irene Fajardo  Irene Fajardo Teacher
Contact George Magana  George Magana Teacher
Contact Catheline Merilus  Catheline Merilus Teacher
Contact Matthew Robertson  Matthew Robertson Teacher
Contact Stacy Salazar  Stacy Salazar Teacher & AVID Coordinator
Contact Nora Showalter  Nora Showalter Teacher

AVID After-School Tutoring Schedule

Students are expected to attend tutoring after school (2:15 - 3:15 pm) if they have failing grades or by teacher recommendation.

6th GRADE:

Merilus = Monday

Robertson = Tuesday

Bustamante = Thursday


7th GRADE:

Magana = Monday

Aranda = Tuesday

Arreola = Thursday


8th GRADE:

Fajardo = Monday

Showalter = Tuesday

AVID Study Spot
AVID Study Spot

College & Career Resources

LA County Free Fun for Families


Upcoming AVID Events & Activities

February 7: Academic Progress Reports

February 11: No School (Lincoln's Birthday)

February 12: Honor Society Assembly: 7th grade @ 8:15 am

February 12: Honor Society Assembly: 6th grade @ 10:15 am

February 13: Honor Society Assembly: 8th grade @ 8:15 am

February 15: AVID Achiever Qtr. 2 @ Nutrition

February 18: No School (Washington's Birthday)

February 21: 7th Grade Field Trip - La Mirada Theater

March 22: End of 3rd Quarter

March 22: 8th Grade Field Trip - Japanese American National Museum

March 25: Beginning of 4th Quarter

April 8-12: Minimum Day / Parent Conferences

April 15-22: No School (Spring Break)

April-May: SBAC Testing

May 27: No School (Memorial Day)

June 14: Last Day of School / End of 4th Quarter

Awesome AVID Students

The following AVID students have been recognized for their awesome work for the 2017-2018 school-year:

6th Grade:

Melanie Munoz


7th Grade:



8th Grade:


AVID StudentS of the Quarter

Quarter 1

6th grade: Eileen Obregon

7th grade: Dylan Pravia

8th grade: Briana Rubio

Quarter 2

6th grade: Melanie Munoz

7th grade: Berenice Palafox

8th grade: Briahna Arambula


2017-2018 AVID Cup Champions: 8th Grade



AVID logo

AVID's Mission

The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

What is AVID?

AVID, Advancement via Individual Determination, is a school-wide college readiness support system that will work hand-in-hand with the core content courses to prepare students for challenging, rigorous work. In AVID, students engage in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading strategies to help them master rigorous academic content. High expectations are paired with strategies for success (such as note taking, time management, organization and goal setting) and in-class tutorial sessions so that students excel in advanced courses and are prepared for the rigors of university work.

Students must apply to be in AVID. AVID Site Teams at each campus review student applications and interview students to determine students who meet the expectations and would benefit the most from the class. Participation in AVID is a high honor. Students who are interested in AVID should see Mrs. Salazar (Main Office).

AVID students ...

  • are highly motivated
  • have positive attitudes and behavior
  • are willing to work hard
  • have good attendance
  • plan to attend college

Student Commitment for AVID

The AVID elective class requires hard work and perseverance, and is effective only if participation is voluntary. Students must sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Enroll in AVID as an elective class (for the entire school year)
  • Enroll in a rigorous course of study
  • Come to school on-time daily
  • Study at least two hours a day and complete all assignments
  • Maintain an organized AVID binder that includes class notes, studying material, assignments, and completed work
  • Participate in AVID tutorials and collaborative study groups
  • Assist teachers and students in maintaining a positive learning environment
  • Participate in AVID field trips and activities
  • Take the Explore or PSAT exam (7th & 8th grade)
  • Apply to AVID at Bell Gardens High School, and eventually apply several colleges/ universities in senior year


People Like Me

2018-2019 AVID Student Representatives

President = Daniel Noriega

Vice-President = Jocelyn Osorio

Secretary = Jasmine Ventura

Treasurer = Christian Barrios

7th grade Rep. = Ameyalli Mata

7th grade Rep. = Berenice Palafox

6th grade Rep. =

6th grade Rep. =